About Us

Lois Phillips, PhD has extensive experience as an educator, consultant, and coach with an emphasis on strategic communications and public voice. An executive with a background in higher education and community politics, Phillips has been the primary author of “Women Seen and Heard: Lessons Learned from Successful Speakers” with Anita Perez Ferguson about gender issues in rhetoric; the book helps women candidates, advocates, and leaders in every role understand how to gain credibility as the voice of authority. Phillips’ approach, which involves presentation and media skills training through rehearsal and taped feedback, is client-centric; she builds on the  candidate’s strengths- including expertise, passion, and life experiences- taking key message points and training the candidate to clearly relate them to a particular audience in a personal way. Phillips also believes that candidates need – and can develop--charisma and ‘the sparkle factor’ for getting elected in today’s competitive digital YouTube.Com environment. For more information, you can write directly to Lois@CampaignCommunication.com

Cindy is a Warner Bros. veteran and has been a business development executive for over 20 years. For 12+ years, she worked at Warner Bros. where she licensed   WB intellectual property such as Harry Potter, Cartoon Network, Films &Television shows published around the world. Since 2002, Cindy's been helping companies and individuals bring their properties and brand extensions to the worldwide community.

Cindy is owner of  CandidateBranding.com a full service candidate branding and marketing company specializing in Campaign Branding.  Most recently, she's worked on the Social Media & Public Relation campaign for Marie Panec who ran in the CA District 24 Democratic Congressional primary.  Currently, she is working on virtual communications for Goldie Hawn's www.thehawnfoundation.org and is Vice President of Marketing & Communications for Association for Women in Communications. Cindy@CampaignCommunication.com

Becky has worked on numerous campaigns in the past two decades – as a volunteer, as a press secretary and most recently as a campaign director. She cut her political teeth working for Senator Edward M. Kennedy (Mas
sachusetts) and went on to work for Senate Majority Leader Roger Moe (Minnesota) who later ran as the democrat-endorsed candidate for governor against Republican Tim Pawlenty. Becky has worked on statewide elections as well as local city council races and her experience working for public officials and government has given her first hand knowledge of how successful candidates campaign and get elected to office. As a political strategist, she is an expert in speech-writing and in helping candidates address key issues that are most important to the voters.

Becky Christenson has a background in politics and public affairs, having written for the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy and served as campaign press secretary for a statewide democrat-endorsed gubernatorial candidate. She is a gifted speechwriter and policy advisor and currently serves as the president of the Santa Barbara chapter of Women in Communications.