Merging Time-Tested Strategies
with 21st-Century Media

Campaign Communication
will take your campaign to the next level!

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We help candidates develop dynamic campaigns by combining conventional means – such as coaching, training and messaging – with high tech means such as social media. We are three communications professionals, armed with years of experience in campaigns, coaching, and brand management, who understand how to communicate messages to diverse voters, including those ever-important fence sitters.

What We Do: The team works collaboratively on retainer with campaign managers who want to outsource this function. We are available to plan a PR strategy and to coach elected officials who need to communicate better. The team is available to provide technical support and strategy for:
  • Local City and County Campaigns
  • Congressional, State Senate and Assembly Campaigns
  • Municipal and Local Measures, User-Advocacy Campaigns and Statewide Ballot Initiatives

Who We Are: Lois Phillips, Cindy Faith Swain, and Becky Christenson provide a collaborative team based on a combined 70 years of experience in government, global business, higher education and campaign strategy. Phillips has a background in diversity and gender issues complementing her research skills. She has hosted television and radio programs on current issues and provides training/coaching in presentation skills and media skills to the corporate, public and non-profit sectors. Swain has an international background in global licensing and branding. She recently worked as a consultant who helps clients learn how to use social media to promote their organization and their practices/campaigns. Christenson has worked in government communications at the national, state and local levels, and has worked on numerous campaigns. She is currently the president of Women in Communications, Santa Barbara chapter, an affiliate of the century-old national organization that promotes excellence in communications and recognizes achievement in the field.

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